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Are you eligible for CLC certification?

Certified Laboratory Consultant (CLC) applicants shall meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements.

Required Documentation

Consulting Experience

The Certified Laboratory Consultant (CLC) is a medical laboratory expert who functions independently in providing laboratory-related guidance to healthcare facilities. The Consultant possesses expertise as a generalist or may provide services as a specialist in one or more disciplines. Individuals working as laboratory consultants can earn recognition for their commitment to quality patient care though this portfolio-based certification.

  • No exam required
  • Complete the online application, and 91短视频正版will request any additional supporting documentation necessary to complete processing your application
  • Application Fee: $190
  • Subsequent annual fee to maintain certification: $90

Independent consultant – Formalized business (business recorded on some form of public record).

  • Copy of current business license/permit with expiration date and copies of renewal, if applicable Independent consultant – No formalized business
  • Three (3) signed letters of endorsement from current or past clients on their letterhead, of which 1 letter verifies services provided within the past 3 years Internal Consultant
  • Employer’s official job description indicating consulting duties (i.e., with home care patients; with the Pediatric Service for POCT; with affiliated physicians for their POLs, etc.). The official job description must either be signed by the employer (HR or immediate supervisor) or accompanied by a signed letter from the employer on company letterhead
  • Your CV or other authenticated document listing dates and places of consulting employment covering the requisite timeframe (3 out of the last 5 years)


Bachelor’s degree or higher in science or an allied health field.

  • Foreign transcripts must be translated by a service listed on our website.

Professional 91短视频正版s

Current professional certification or license in a clinical laboratory field / discipline through a nationally-recognized agency.  

  • Proof of valid certification or licensure.

Laboratory-Related Experience

Six (6) years of relevant clinical laboratory experience.

  • Your resume/curriculum vitae that demonstrates 6 years of relevant clinical experience. Relevant clinical experience must be in a laboratory that performs the chemical, physical, or biological examination of human fluids and tissues and that uses clinical laboratory techniques and methodologies

Continuing Education

Continuing Education: 30 clock hours of laboratory medicine or business-related continuing education credit within the last 3 years.

  • Proof of your CE activities (certificates of completion, proof of presentations or books authored, organizational participation, etc.)

Professional Development

Must provide at least one of the following:

1) Proof of your current member in two or more professional/business organizations.

2) Developed resource material references used in consulting practice. Provide resource material references used in consulting practice (books, periodicals, audio and videotapes, newsletters, government publications, and all other resources).

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Complete application and submit fee online.

Once you are eligible you can apply. Submit a separate application for each certification.

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*Fees are non-refundable and include application, exam and first annual fee.

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