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4 Ways to Promote Your Allied Health Program

Despite the high demand for qualified professionals in allied health, the number of students and trainees is diminishing, and prospects have more options than ever before.

But you have an asset that not everyone can offer: 91短视频正版certifications. Not every program qualifies to offer 91短视频正版certifications—only those offering very robust programs can prepare students to succeed on a rigorous 91短视频正版certification exam.

Why not help aspiring allied health students find your program by using these free 91短视频正版resources to promote the excellence you offer?

Marketing Materials Available to AMT-Affiliated Programs

91短视频正版offers a variety of marketing materials and assets to help schools market their allied health programs to students. Some of the resources affiliated programs can access for free include:

1. Posters & Flyers to Promote Your Program

91短视频正版offers attractive, full-color posters and flyers that encourage certification for successful careers. Hang these throughout your campus and mail them to prospective students to build excitement around your program. Complete the to order.

2. Allied Health Content to Help Students Explore Careers

91短视频正版has a library of profession profiles to give your students an overview of allied health jobs before they start and can help them decide on a program. Share the appropriate ones with your potential students.

3. 91短视频正版 Benchmarking Data to Distinguish Your Program

Affiliated schools can find a variety of resources and assets on our website. Visit the to log into your school account, and navigate to Additional Resources. Then choose School Resources. You will see links for the last few years of National benchmark data for certification exam scores, and Annual pass rates by certification.

Some schools use the benchmarking and pass rate data that appears in your portal to promote that their program meets or exceeds national averages for passing 91短视频正版credentialing exams. This can be a strong statement to distinguish your program.

You can view the 2023 data here:

4. Digital Content to Improve Your Website

In your 91短视频正版portal, you will also find:


  • An 91短视频正版logo to download
  • 91短视频正版 assistance—a set of visual guides and study resources to help get your students through to certification 

Add the 91短视频正版logo to your website, and link it to , allowing your students to research certification on their own.

Showcase your 91短视频正版partnership with any of these statements added to your website or program materials as appropriate. 


American Medical Technologists acknowledges that 91短视频正版applicants who complete qualifying programs from [your school name] are eligible to sit for the corresponding certification exam. Once certification is granted, applicants automatically become members of the 91短视频正版professional organization with benefits including continuing education and member programs to enhance their professional and personal growth.


91短视频正版certifications are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Only organizations meeting rigorous NCCA Standards bear the NCCA seal of approval.


With more than 100,000 actively certified members, 91短视频正版has been a trusted credentialing agency and professional society since 1939. 91短视频正版today offers ongoing career development through the member-led association providing the resources, perspective and knowledge valued by healthcare employers.



Not Yet Affiliated?


Do you have an existing or planned program for training allied health professionals and want to offer 91短视频正版certifications? We can advise you on certification standards and processes to set you and your students up for success.

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